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1992 — 2012: Special Needs Clinic

The Special Needs Clinic was founded in 1992 and specializes in the mental health treatment of HIV-affected families.

Sheila began as an intern, became their first employee, and then a co-director.

With Sheila’s help, the clinic has treated almost two thousand patients:

Since its inception, the clinic has treated over 1,600 socioeconomically disadvantaged children, adolescents, and adult family members who are themselves HIV-positive or are living in families with HIV-infected and/or drug-addicted family members; it currently has approximately 300 patients at any one time and is staffed by more than 20 clinicians and lay staff.

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1990-1992: Double Masters Degrees

In the fall of 1990, Sheila returned to school and earned a Masters degree in Social Work, and simultaneously, also a Masters degree in Public Health.

Her final internship placement during her second year was with the newly-formed Special Needs Clinic, and she went to work there after getting her degrees.